Morse Runner 1.68
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Morse Runner 1.68

Free Simulates the signals of the Morse code
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Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA
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Morse Runner is a morse code contest simulator that can be used by anyone.

It is a program that simulates a contest. It simulates, pileups, other guys grabbing your frequency, QRM, QRN, major timing cockups and will drive you to distraction if you crank it up to just above your own ability.

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rating Hubert SP5RE
There are two things needed to learn how to listen and understand CW.
1 - helpful friend (in my case Pawel SQ5STS)
2 - Morse Runner.
I have felt disappointed that I know already all letters but listened in a phrase my caching was finished at the second one. SQ5STS said: In two weeks you will be on the air, I promise. I downloaded Morse Runner and every day (it is important, every day) before going asleep I play Morse Runner. The next important word is "to play". It was like playing the game. How many callsigns I can catch in 30 minutes. I played it just before going asleep, even if I was tired, exhausted. But it was just a play. The first two hours of using morse runner under SQ5STS's advisory control. As I remember, I started at 12 wpm. After a daily session, I made a print screen and sent it to SQ5STS. He decided when to increase the speed. 2-3 days and up, and up... It is unbelievable how fast was the progress. I keep these print screens in my files. I've shared many times. It was late autumn of 2012. Morse Runner it was a miracle to me. I started to contest. The first one in Jan 2013 Smile) Yes 6 weeks after the start of using Morse Runner. Then 2000 QSOs in 2013. Then CQWW160 as SN5I (with SQ5M and SQ5STS). Portorico made (from Poland) on 160m ... it was really fun. Second place in Poland.
Great software!!! Many thanks for that.

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rating Harry g4zrl
Have tried many times to download this program for an android system but won't download successfully to view and listen, have this on PC but can't carry pc around with me

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rating John/PU2RKP
This program is very good!

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